Ushguli – The highest mountain community in Europe. The village is located at an altitude of 2200 meters in the mountains of Georgia, in Svaneti region. Ushguli is a community that includes four villages: Zhibiani, Chvibiani, Chazhashi and Murkmeli.
Svan towers of the IX – X centuries, which are the main attraction, were preserved in excellent condition and were included in the UNESCO world Heritage List.
There are no hotels on the territory of Ushguli, it is possible to book a room only in guest houses.
If you have a free time, you can visit Lamaria monastery, which was built in the 10th century and is located in the village of Zhibiani.

  • Сванети Местия
  • Башня Сванети
  • Горы Местия
Also there is a Ailama glacier with a height of 4200m above sea level. The lower slopes are covered with alpine and sub alpine meadows, while the upper slopes have glacial landscapes. There is a mountaineering camp named “Ailama” at the base of the mountain’s southern slope.
Ailama has always attracted with its majesty, the beauty of the ice discharges on the Northern wall.
We can organize trekking tours in these amazing places.

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