Akhaltsikhe is a town in Southern Georgia, founded in Middle Ages. Its name means “a new fortress”, because
the town’s fortress used to be the most important landmark of the region.
As with most of Georgia you will find mostly Georgian food. In Akhaltsikhe there are 4*, 3* hotels and guest

  • Развалины Ахалцихе
  • Восстановленный Рабат
  • Статуя Царицы Тамары
  • Ахалцихе
  • Церковь в Ахалцихе
Sights in Akhaltsikhe:
 Rabati firtress
 Ancient fortress of Atskuri, constructed in the X century.
 Sapara Monastery
 Zarzma monastery
 Khertvisi Fortress
 Vardzia, an impressive cave town founded in the XII century
 Vanis Kvabebi monastery dated by 8th century

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