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  • Баракони

Ambrolauri is a small city with a population of only 2,000 people located 550 m (1,800 ft) above sea level. Interesting sights in this city include the Museum of Fine Arts and Brakoni, a Georgian Orthodox church. The latter is a 12 minute drive from the city center. The Museum of Fine Arts holds over 550 paintings of well-known Georgian artists (Gudiashvili, Akhvlediani, Kakabadze, Varazi, and others).

  • Туризм в Никорцминда
  • Собор Никорцминда
  • Шаори
  • Шаори Амбролаури
  • Тур на озеро Шаори
  • Хванчкара

Sights of Ambrolauri:
• Shaori lake, the largest one in this region. In autumn, the colorful trees that reflect in the water create a fairy-tale land.
• Nikortsminda church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate. Cathedral is generously decorated with rich ornamental relief depicting Transfiguration, Doomsday and other evangelic subjects, figures of the Saints, and of real and fantastic beasts.
• Barakoni church located in the village of Tsesi is one of the most significant monuments in Racha.

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