Gori is a city in eastern Georgia, which serves as the regional capital of Shida Kartli and the center of the homonymous administrative district. The name is from Georgian Gora, that is, “heap”, or “hill”. The main attraction and symbol of the city is Goristsikhe -a defensive fortress. The ruins of the fortress are located on a hill in the Central part of the city. From here you can observe picturesque panoramic views. Another attraction of Gori is the Museum of Joseph Stalin. The Museum is located in the center of the city, was built in the 1950s, this is a place where Stalin was born and lived.
There are not many hotels in the city, you can book only 3* economy hotel or guest house.

In the vicinity of Gori, you can visit cave city Uplistsikhe. It preserved about 150 caves from a huge settlement, where the number of groats carved in the rock was not more than 700. According to archeologists, people in Uplistsikhe lived already in the first millennium BC.

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