Lying deep in the mountains, this is the most isolated region of Georgia – to the north and east stretch closed Chechen-Daghestani borders, to the west, behind the mountains, lie similarly isolated Pshavi and Khevsureti. And from the south is Tusheti bordered by 3000 meters high ridge of the Greater Caucasus. The only lifeline connecting Tusheti with the rest of the country is the treacherous road crossing 2850 meters high Abano pass. It is unpaved and very bumpy – that’s also a primary reason why Tusheti is not yet swarmed by tourists.

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Geographically, Tusheti consists of three main valleys which gave names to the subgroups of Tushs inhabiting them. The center is Omalo. The road to Tusheti usually opens in late May when the bulldozer clears the path and local shepherds herd their flocks of sheep through Abano pass to summer pastures in the mountains. They are followed by tourists and hikers willing to experience this unique area. The road closes in September.

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