Mestia is situated 456 km from Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi and is 1,500 meters above sea level. It
is the starting point for most trips to Svaneti, with a range of hotels, guesthouses and local travel
services. From the center of Mestia it is possible to hike up to the glaciers at the foot of mount
Ushba, or take horses into the pristine alpine meadows. New ski resorts Hatsvali and Tetnuldi
attract the attention of winter sports lovers who are looking for the new places and challenges.

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  • Сванети Местия
  • Лучшие туры в Местия
  • Приключения в Сванети
  • Туры в Местия
  • Горы Местия

Sights in Mestia:
• Svaneti Historic And Ethnography Museum
• Museum Of Michael Khergiani with personal items of the famous alpinist
• Ski Lift and The View From Zuruldi
• Chalaadi Glacier
• Ushguli

  • Башня Сванети
  • Туры в Сванети
  • Скалы Сванети
  • Церковь в Местия
  • Озеро в Местия
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