The Georgian town of Sighnaghi is located in the eastern part of Kakheti, and is known as the City of Love.
Sighnaghi was also one of Georgia’s many stops along the ancient Silk Road. The town has recently
undergone significant restoration and infrastructural improvement, rendering Sighnaghi a must-see
destination in Georgia. Casino gambling, high-end hotels and dining, fine wines and a stunning view of the
Alazani Valley make Sighnaghi one of Georgia’s most attractive small towns. Sighnaghi’s location in the
Kakheti Region, in eastern Georgia, means that the weather is pleasant year-round, perfect for a trip at any
time of the year.

  • Сигнаги
  • Путешествие в Сигнаги
  • Фонтан в Сигнаги
  • Сигнаги Зимой
  • Бодбе Сигнаги

Any itinerary for Sighnagi should include a trip to Bodbe Monastery. This 9th century monastery houses
the grave and relics of St. Nino, who converted Georgia to Christianity in the 4th century.
A museum in the center of Sighnaghi features relics from archaeological excavations, as well as art
exhibitions and traveling exhibits. The famous Georgian painter Pirosmani was born in the Kakheti Region
and some of his works are on display at the museum.
There a few full-service hotels in the center of town and small guest houses.

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