Goderdzi ski resort is located in mountainous Adjara region, on the Goderdzi Pass, in 252 kilometers away from Tbilisi, in 109 kilometers away from the popular seaside resort Batumi and 260 kilometers away from Kutaisi International Airport. This all-season mountain resort is located at an elevation of 2 000 meters (6560 ft.). The resort is distinguished by the impressive nature and fresh air. Snow remains here from November till April.

Ski trails are located in the Alpine zone, there are routes for fans of freeride and backcountry. The longest trail is 7 kilometers. The highest point of the resort is 2390 meters, and the lowest one is 1700 meters.
Goderdzi resort is expanding, and every year trails of different categories are added. The resort is mainly represented by guest houses and cottages.

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