Kvareli is a small city located on the forested slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Kvareli is
charming town. There are Gremi and Nekresi churches on the mountain slopes with nice forests, frescoes
and amazing views. The are many wineries and wine cellars in Kvareli and its surroundings. 2 artificial
lakes Kvareli and Ilia at the edge of mountains and surrounded by forests with of the best hotels located in
Georgian countryside.

  • Гостиница в Кварели
  • Кварели гостиница
  • Греми Кварели
  • Крепость Кварели
  • Церковь в Кварели

There are 3* and 4* hotels in the cities and near the lakes.
Kvareli is also interesting ethnographically. Georgians from Kakheti (Kakhetians) are very generous, nice
and hospitable people. You can visit some rural areas too to experience traditional life, food and something
not touristic.

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