Abastumani is one of the most famous Balnelogical resorts in the country at the territory of Borjom-Kharagauli
national park. The valley is covered with coniferous forest, in which dominates pine. In spring the pine begins to
blossom, as a result of which it emits a so-called Dust. It is useful in lung diseases.

  • Горный ландшафт Абастумани
  • Горы Абастумани
  • Пеизаж Абастумани
  • Зима в Абастумани
  • Абастумани Весной

Resort is still in development stage, there are no big hotels, only guest houses.
Abastumani have own Astrophysical Observatory.

  • Церковь в Абастумани
  • Абастуманская обсерватория
  • Туризм в Абастумани
  • Телескоп в обсерватории
  • Телескоп

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