Borjomi and Likani

Боржоми и Ликани
Borjomi is a hydrothermal health spa resort in the southern region of Samskhe-Javakheti in Georgia. Borjomi has an
international reputation for its geothermal spring mineral water resources. Borjomi mineral water has become a well-
known brand and a calling card for Georgia. The sulfuric water’s healing properties are proven to be directly beneficial
to the digestive system and metabolism. Today, Borjomi mineral water is sold in over 30 countries. There are dozens of
mineral spring health spas, recreation complexes, and rest houses in Borjomi. All of which are located within the
vicinity of the Central Park.

  • Боржоми
  • Гостиница в Боржоми
  • Тур в Боржоми
  • Ликани
  • Бутылки Боржоми


Borjomi Sights:

  • Borjomi Central Park, renovated in 2005. The park has an ecological theme and features children’s amusement
    rides, a swimming pool and cinema. There is also a cable car leading up to a scenic overlook
  • Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin (12th century)
  • Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. The park is divided into 6 areas, each with well-kept trails through pristine
    forest containing endemic flora and fauna and unique ecosystem diversity.
  • Timotesubani monastery

Likani is a small part of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and is a popular mountain spa. Important landmarks
include a three-nave basilica church (8th-9th centuries) and the Romanov Palace (1892-95).

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