Stepantsminda, commonly known as Kazbegi, is a small town in the north-east Georgia, close to the Russian border. It is one of the must see destinations in Georgia, mostly due to amazing hiking routes and stunning nature. There’s only 180 km from Tbilisi. Most important thing you should do in Kazbegi is to visit Gergeti Trinity Church. Built in 14th century, this church is located on 2.200 meters above sea level.

  • Казбег
  • Путешествие в Казбеги
  • Туры в Казбеги
  • Гергети
  • Гергети Казбеги
  • Гора Казбеги

Sights in Kazbegi:
• Stepantsminda Historic Museum, located in the memorial house of the Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi (1848-1890).
• About 7km north of Stepanstsminda village, at both ends of the forked valley is a couple of nice waterfalls known as Gveleti.
• Dariali Gorge (11 km long).
• Upper Truso Gorge, rich in carbonated mineral waters.
• Khada Gorge, mostly visited by mountain climbers.
• Village Sno has a large statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali, and a tower fortification from the XVI century.
• Village Juta, one of the highest settlements (2200 m) in the municipality of Kazbegi.

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