Bakhmaro – is a high-mountain climatic resort of national importance, situated in Chokhatauri area on Meskheti ridge in the valley of Bakhvistskaliriver on the top of the forest zone. Height is 1926-2000 m above sea level, 50 kmstraight line far from the Black Sea coast and 80 kmfrom the nearest railway station Samtredia.
Weather conditions: merg of sea and mountain air mass, high intensity of solar radiation, especially ultraviolet, mostly weak sea breezes. Moderately mild winters (average temperature in January is -5,2 °C), moderately cool summers (average temperature in August 13,4 °C). Average annual precipitation is 1869 mm, length of sunshine – 1975 hours per year, relative humidity of 73%. Medical indications: nontuberculous form of lung disease, hemorrhage, neurasthenia, imfadent.
Season: June to September.

“Bakhmaro – Caucasian spring” –is a young brand, using the name of the famous mountain resort, the same area. Bakhmarois producedfor 10 years already.


Capacity 0.5 l 0.5 l 1.5 l
Quantity in the pack 12 12 6

This is fresh water with very low mineral content, chemical composition dominated by bicarbonate and calcium, which are so useful to the body. Moreover, the water differs by perfect indicator of pH 7.5 and is characterized by incredibly smooth taste. It is approved and recommended for use in children’s food.
Mineralizationis 0.08-0.12 g / l

Cations Mg/ l Anions Mg/ l
Ca2+ 10.16 – 15.24 HCO3- 44.8 – 67.2
Mg2+ 2.4 – 3.6 Cl- 0.08 – 0.12
Na+ + K+ 1.92 – 2.88 SO4 2- 0.64 – 0.96


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