Tourism Entrepreneurship Program / management



  • Classification of tourism
  • International tourism
  • Domestic tourism
  • Forms of tourism (medical, health, cooking, pilgrimage, wine, fur, rural, etc.)


  • Types travelers according to their activities and life style.

Tour operator. Travel agent.

  • Definition
  • Types of Tour Operators
  • Specificity
  • Rules of interaction
  • Terms of cooperation

Agency contract

  • Booking conditions, cancellations, changes
  • Penalties
  • Payment Terms

Agency fees (a percentage or a fixed amount)

  • Catalogues Analysis
  • Analysis of tour operators websites and online booking

Tourist product

  • Tourist Package


  • The price of the tourist product
  • Formation of the tour price
  • Reading of travel programs
  • Preparation of information for the tourist
  • Calculation of the tour
  • Calculation of the tour product

Hotel business. The classification of hotels

  • Global hotel chains. Official European classification of hotels
    (stars, and can be a key, crown, slippers, etc.)
  • Accommodation Types
  • Types of food (continental breakfast, vegetarian food)
  • View from the window
  • Abbreviation – cuts used in the international practice of booking of hotels
  • Price policy of the hotel (hotel category, season, day of the week for small hotels)
  • Hotels strategy
  • Types of clients
  • Open/closed tariff rate
  • Fast check-in
  • Calculation of residence
  • Creating a hotel concept
  • The contractual relationship with the hotel tour operators and travel agents
  • Booking conditions, application cancellation
  • Calculation rules
  • How to book hotels abroad

The interaction of tourist companies with the airlines

  • Regular flights
  • Charter flights
  • Schedule
  • Reading the ticket
  • IATA and non-IATA companies
  • GDS system

The interaction of tourist companies with the other participants of the tourist market.

The interaction of the travel company with the tourist

  • Documentary registration of contractual relations
  • Agreement conditions
  • Required items, a list of all the necessary documents for the visa application
  • The contract for travel services
  • Voucher (memo for tourists in the country, the upcoming tour program, a plane or ticket, insurance – if necessary, etc)

Passport and visa formalities in international tourism

  • Compulsory insurance (medical, repatriation)
  • Additional Insurance (accident, loss / theft of luggage, no show/no flight, in case of failure of the tour by the tourist’s fault with early booking)
  • Organizing of the process of opening a tourist company. Licensing. Bank guarantee. Business plan.
  • The concept of the tourist company. What indicators should be monitored. Requirements to the personnel.

Mission. Goals. Company’s strategy.

  • SMART-goals
  • SWOT
  • PEST
  • STEEPLE analysis
  • Brainstorm
  • BKG matrix
  • Ansofa Matrix
  • Negotiation practice
  • Motivation of the personnel
  • Effectivesupervision
  • Leadership
  • Formal and non-formal leader

4P, 7P, 4C marketing. The evolution of customer’s service techniques 80/20.

The effectiveness of sales

  • Making contact
  • First impression
  • The components of a first impression
  • Questions
  • Active listening
  • Presentation
  • Work with objections
  • Make a deal
  • Stereotypical thinking
  • How not to offend competitors