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The best period for bird watching: early Spring and late Autumn


There opportunity to see: common pheasant, black stork, Partridge, Woodpecker, Vulture, Falcon, Oriole.
Trail distance – 2-3 km.
Difficulty: Easy

Vashlovani national park, which is distinguished from Georgia’s other protected areas by its semi-desert ecosystem. The views of the landscape with the snowy Caucasus Mountains in the background are unforgettable for visitors. It is the best destination for bird-watcher lovers, since the places is specific with its unique species.

Price per a group: 1-2 pax: 260$; 3-4 pax:450$; 5-6 pax:480$.

Price includes: Two way transfer from Tbilisi to Vashlovani national park by 4Х4 car, guide service, binocular.


Javakheti National Park is unique with its flora and fauna. 140 species of nesting or migrating birds can be found in the National Park:
Javakheti National Park is the only place in Georgia, where there is a chance to see flamingos. There are many lakes on Javakheti Plateau, including the biggest lake of Georgia – Paravani. Javakheti Plateau is the coldest place in winter in Georgia. Javakheti lakes are frozen temporally during the winter period. Birds can be observed from the towers, features informational boards on local species.

Day 1: Meeting with your driver in Tbilisi city and transfer to Javakheti national park, which offers 5 lakes for birdwatching. Please choose the lake which is more interesting for you.
1. Madatapa lake– Distance by car 22 km. Duration 6 hours.
2. Kartsakhi lake – Distance by car 5 km + walking, duration 2 hours.
3. Bugdasheni lake – Distance by car 2 km + walking, duration 1 hour.
The area around the lake is home for part of the year to many species of migratory birds and the shore largely pristine and undisturbed.
4. Khanchali lake– Distance by car 3 km+ walking, duration 2 hours.
Many species of endangered birds use this lake during the migration and mating seasons.
5. Sulda wetlands – Distance by car 5 km.
Like the four other local managed reserves, Sulda Wetland Managed Reserve is a potential candidate for inclusion in the Ramsar List.
After birdwatching dinner and overnight in local village at guest house.

Day 2: Breakfast in the guest house, check out. Drive to Tbilisi. On the way stop to village Poka, on the shores of Lake Paravani you’ll visit nunnery. Arrival to Tbilisi.

Price for per person in a group of:2 pax-270$,3 pax-205$;4 pax-175$; 5 pax-155$, 6 pax-145$

Price includes: Two way transfer from Tbilisi to Javakheti protected areas, guide service, accommodation for 1 night in the guest house with half board meal.


Walking distance 2 km.

Meeting with your driver in Batumi/Ureki/Gionio/Kvariati/Sarpi transfer to protected areas.
Kobuleti Protected Areas is located in 2 km away from the seashore, is an important living environment for migratory birds. The most interesting is white moss and sundew. This area is protected by the Ramsar Convention.
The path goes from the entrance of the protected area to The Bird watching tower.

Price per a group: 1-2 pax: 210$; 3-4 pax:280$; 5-6 pax:300$.

Price includes: Transportation, guide service, binocular.